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 Inspire and earn exclusive rewards for your creativity.

1. What are The Shopping Bag Blogger Contributors?
Being one of The Shopping Bag's Blogger Contributors provides you to gain more exposure and grow your blog readership. Simply submit your post(s) for a chance to be featured on The Shopping Bag blog! If selected and published on our blog, the content you provide will be visible to all of our blog followers and will be marketed on our social media pages as we see fit. We adore our customers, so this is also a great way for us to get to know each other!

2. What types of rewards does the program offer?
If 1-2 of your posts are published on our blog, you will receive:
-- the Guest Blogger title.
-- an exclusive badge for your blog.
-- a personalized tag that will link to all of your posts.

If 3 or more of your posts are published on our blog, you will receive:
-- the Guest Editor title.
-- an exclusive badge for your blog.
-- a personalized tag that will link to all of your posts.
-- an entry into the running for our Blogger of the Month.
-- a 15% discount coupon for every 3 published posts.

3. What kind of posts should I submit?
We have listed examples below, but we encourage and welcome additional ideas!

Style Files:  We’d love to see how you incorporate The Shopping Bag into your outfits! Submit photos of yourself wearing your favorite items from The Shopping Bag and include a short blurb about the outfit. Please be sure to note which items from The Shopping Bag too. If you have a fashion blog, add the link as well! 

Beauty Tutorials: Do you have a creative hand when it comes to hair or makeup? Show us your tutorials! Submit step-by-step photos or a link to your video tutorial. If you have your own beauty blog or video channel, let us know so we can mention it too!

Love Stories: Love is not only found in romance, but can be found in friendships, families-- even the relationship between you and your puppy! Tell us your heartfelt story! Where did he get down on one knee? When did you first adopt your little terrier? Photos are strongly encouraged.

Wedding Days: We’re gushing to see your engagement shoot, bridal shower, or special day. Did you do any DIYs? Which flowers did you select? We especially want to see photos of you in our bridal collection! Submit photos along with a blurb detailing the event. (Don’t forget to note your photographer as well as any other participating vendors!)

Mom-isms: We love to share tips, tricks, and stories about motherhood. What do you pack in your son’s lunch? Do you have any favorite mother-daughter activities? What games did you play at your baby shower? Send us your stories and tips! We’d love to see photos, too!

Art Projects: Show us your artistic side and send us your creative endeavors! Submit your poems, original songs, printable templates, photo-editing tutorials, DIY project tutorials—the list is endless! Detail a short blurb about your project: what inspired you, how you got started, etc. For DIYs, send us step-by-step instructions including a list of supplies and correlating photos.

Cookbook: Calling all chefs and bakers! Can you make the perfect carrot cake? Whip up a refreshing smoothie? Share your scrumptious recipes with us! Send us the list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. We’d love to see photos, too! Don’t forget to note whether it’s a family recipe passed down from generation to generation or an adapted recipe from another source.

Book Club: Do find yourself always thumbing through the crisp pages of different books? We’d love to hear your reviews and recommendations!

Interior Design: What does your creative space look like? How do you create a retreat at home? Did one of The Shopping Bag's items caught your eye that you just had to incorporate into your decor? We’d love to take inspiration from what your living space looks like! Submit a short blurb to us about your home with correlating photos.

4. Do you accept previously published content?
If you have a published post on your blog that you would like to share, you are more than welcome to submit it for further publication. We are excited to share your creativity! We accept new content as well. 

5. How many posts may I submit?
You may submit as many posts as you would like for a chance to be featured on our blog!

6. How can I become a Blogger Contributor for The Shopping Bag?
Email your post(s) to If we select your post, we will contact you and make you a member! Please see below for our guidelines:

-- For any copy you’d like in your post, submit it in the email body (and not on an attached document).
-- Include “Blogger Contributor Submission” along with a title or your name in the email subject line.
-- Add photos as attachments.
-- All submitted photos must be at least 700 pixels wide.
-- Images must also be unedited (i.e. no borders, text, etc.).

Please note that by submitting User Content, we claim ownership and reserve the right to use such content throughout the site, in marketing materials, or however we see fit. We look forward to being inspired by your submissions!

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